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Don't look down...

Don't look down...

Scared of heights? Spare a thought then for ‘The Hamptonheights’.

The intrepid group from O&H Hampton and GKL Group edged backwards off the top of Peterborough Cathedral on 8 July and abseiled a whopping 150 feet down the side of the ancient West Front Tower.

It was a thrill for some, and sheer blinding terror for others. But all eight made it down and have raised more than £3,400 so far for Peterborough 900, the cathedral’s 900th anniversary campaign which is funding new facilities for education, visitors, music and worship, and which will help the cathedral to sustain its work into the future.

Roger Tallowin of O&H Hampton and James Brackenbury of GKL Group mustered the troops for the initiative.

As Roger says: “This was an opportunity to do something special to support Peterborough Cathedral and to bond our teams together at the same time. We had a chance to inspect the medieval masonry, but I’m not sure who had the scariest look on their faces, us or the gargoyles.”