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Do you know the right person to speak to in the Hamptons?

Do you know the right person to speak to in the Hamptons?

As the Hamptons approaches its 20th anniversary, responsibilities for the landscape, facilities and infrastructure are gradually shifting.

What were once part of the main landowner’s duties at O&H Hampton are now managed by a range of other authorities and local groups, as the Hamptons matures into an established community.

But if you’re a newcomer to the Hamptons, how do you know where to go to get help or advice on certain issues? Here’s a quick guide to who does what in the Hamptons today.

Approximately 110 hectares of landscaping was created between 1997 and 2015, with more being added each year. These areas need to be maintained for the long-term benefit of the community.

Hampton (Peterborough) Management Ltd (H(P)ML) is part of O&H group of companies. It’s the not for profit company which, as your neighbouring land owner, now looks after the majority of the open space areas, lakes, green infrastructure and some community facilities within the Hamptons.

H(P)ML is responsible for things like:

• Health and safety inspections • Water safety assessments • Playground inspections • Landscaping and maintenance of the green open spaces • Pruning trees and cutting grass in these public areas. (Only H(P)ML has the authority to cut or trim shrubs within the landscape areas) • Supporting the local community with litter picking by providing hi-vis vests • Maintaining the required insurance policies • Provision and maintenance of storm water pump system.

O&H continue to fund the maintenance of the historic areas, mainly within the Hampton Parish Council boundary, which covers Hargate and Vale.

For newer areas outside this boundary, maintenance will be funded by the Estate Service Charge, which is paid by owners of new homes bought since 2016. If you live within the Hampton Parish boundary the parish precept tax, raised as part of your council taxes, goes direct to the Hampton Parish Council.

Any community events, like the recent Hampton Festival, or voluntary or not-for-profit organisations, such as church or scouts’ groups, are welcome to apply to use the land free of charge.

For anyone wanting to use the land for commercial use, such as bootcamps or professional dog walking, you are required to get in touch in advance with H(P)ML to ensure you have arranged the right license and insurance cover.

The majority of areas are open to the public, but some smaller areas such as wild flower meadows and woodlands are purposely left un-manicured as they are aimed at increasing biodiversity in the area.

O&H Hampton built most of the primary infrastructure in the Hamptons, but it is no longer responsible for any of the publicly adopted roads or roads still owned by housing developers. You can see which roads have been publicly adopted on the Peterborough City Council website. The ‘List of streets’ is available as a free download in the Highway Control section.

Issues about those roads and their verges, street parking, private car parking areas, parking courts or street lighting are now things to raise with Hampton Parish Council or with Peterborough City Council.

The Parish Council is also there to help with any community related ideas. If you have an idea that involves the local community get in touch with the Parish Council.

If you are interested in an allotment garden in the Hamptons, the Parish Council is also your first port of call.

take a look at this useful set of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ on the O&H website, along with a community map where anyone can request to add a pin and information to help the local community.